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    1. Server Rules veto SOPs

      Lakeside Roleplay Server Rules

      Section 1 - General Server Rules
      1.0 - You may not exploit, cheat, abuse, dupe or use anything that can be classed as giving you an advantage unfairly, this can result in a permanent ban and does include third party cross-hairs, recoil scripts etc. This includes abusing developer error such as overpowered weapons, runs, standing on trees or other objects that you would not logically be able to stand on, etc.
      1.1 - You may not sell in-game items for out of game services/money. This is classed as Real World Trading and is against the rules.
      1.2 - Rules are made to be followed correctly; abusing loopholes within the rules will result in punishment.
      1.3 - You must not advertise another community whilst on BSRP, this goes for all of our platforms such as; forums, in-game, teamspeak and discord.
      1.4 - You must not attempt to impersonate as a higher ranking individual within the community as you already are, this goes for Staff Ranks, PD Ranks and EMS Ranks etc.
      1.5 - All individuals on this community must follow all rules correctly. Abusing a loophole is prohibited and will end in punishment.
      1.6 - This community is accepting of any content creators and streamers, this means that all roleplay must follow said platforms' TOS (e.g Twitch, Youtube).
      1.7 - Spamming your microphone to cause disturbance or "ear-raping" is not allowed and will end in a punishment.
      1.8 - If a member of teamspeak is found to have an inappropriate avatar, Staff is permitted to hand out an avatar ban for said user.
      1.9 - Any form of Real-World Trading (This is when someone sells/trades in-game items for real-life money/items) is prohibited on this community, any user found doing so may end up in permanent removal.


      Section 2 - Roleplay Rules
      2.0 - You must always remain in character, out of character matters such as support, the server in general, discord or other non-realistic events cannot be brought up in-game. You must be in teamspeak at all times unmuted, the only exception is while in support rooms.
      2.1 - You must have a valid roleplay reason to interact with police (e.g. doing a crime, traffic stop). If police attempt to pull you over you must pull over unless you have committed a crime/know you're wanted. (If you have illegal items in the car you must stop and you must not flee unless Police indicate they're aware you have illegal items). Following police/baiting police into situations is not allowed.
      2.2 - Soundboards can be used in role-play but it can not interrupt role-play (e.g. blasting loud music). You are not allowed use soundboards to give yourself an advantage (e.g. playing police sirens).
      2.3 - Logging off to avoid roleplay is classed as combat logging this includes logging off while dead, logging off while in hand-cuffs and logging off during situations this is not allowed and is heavily punished. When logging off the server make sure you're hidden from sight to make sure you don't ruin immersion.
      2.4 - Referencing your second character within roleplay is not permitted in any way (Pen-pal, cousin etc). If you breach this you will receive points, if you breach it a second time you will be banned for double life.
      2.5 - When you die you forget everything that happened during the situation you died in. You must not return to the area you died in for at least 10 minutes after you respawn. 
      2.6 - Any information obtained from a third party/not in-game is not able to be used in roleplay. (This includes not using discord while in-game and not stream sniping streamers)
      2.7 - You can not camp outside safe-zones waiting for someone to leave to follow/rob/kill them.
      2.8 - Inside of a Safe Zone you may not commit crime, initiate on people, harm people, steal vehicles or do any form of negative action. If people do this do not take it into your own hands or you will also be punished, just report them.
      2.9 - All Hospitals, Police Stations and Court Houses are safe zones.
      2.10 - When you are revived you are in medical custody, you must comply with the medic and pretend to be hurt.
      2.11 - Medics must be neutral at all times, they can not favour any side in situations. (In court cases this is void but medics are required to tell the truth)
      2.12 - You cannot flee into Green zones to avoid roleplay/combat.
      2.13 - You may not pull someone out of a moving vehicle, you may not restrain or escort someone while they are further away than arm's length. 
      2.14 - You CANNOT CPR someone just to rob them/arrest them (If a medic revives then the PD can arrest). 
      2.15 - ATMs are safe zones (Within 15 meters)
      2.16 - You may not revive people during a combat situation, you must wait at least 3 minutes after the last shot, or must wait for the winning party to declare Code 4. If it is a major crime you can not revive until you're 100% no more cops will respond or all civilians are dead.
      2.17 - You may not force someone to take money out of their bank account. 
      2.18 - You may not bait people into zones (This includes Safe zones, Capture zones, etc)
      2.19 - You may not interfere with another groups roleplay. (Eg if cops are conducting a traffic stop/chase another group may not pull up and initiate on them. 2 groups initiated (Including PD) at once.
      2.20 - S-1ing someone does not count as initiation.
      2.21 - You may not harm the negotiator during negotiations in any form.
      2.22 - You can not blow up peoples vehicles in a malicious way. (e.g. killing them in a gunfight then putting their car in water/under a bar gate)
      2.23 - Purposely attempting to ruin someone’s roleplay situations to try and be funny, edgy or for any other reason is not tolerated and may be classed as FailRP.
      2.24 - Cop baiting is not allowed, Cop baiting is defined as intentionally messing with or trolling police in order to provoke a response such as initiation, car chases, etc.
      2.25 - DOC is not public grounds, DOC and 100M from the walls in all directions is private property. DOC must still allow civilians into DOC when acting lawfully. (such as roleplaying as a lawyer at the gate of DOC).
      2.26 - Only SWAT and State Command can determine the hostage is fake and take action. If it is determined the hostage is NOT fake and peaceful negotiations were not first attempted then the individual that made the call May be held responsible for NVL.
      2.27 - You can not SHIFT + G mid gunfight (This means there have to be shots exchanged between the parties.)
      2.28 - You may not rob or take the same person hostage more than once every 10 minutes.
      2.29 - Do not grief others. Griefing is the act of intentionally angering or irritating another player with malicious intent. Example: Consistently stalking a player to force interaction or robbing someone continuously.


      Section 3 - Initiation Rules
      3.0 - You must not initiate on someone without a valid roleplay reason, this includes joining random gunfights just for the kills.
      3.1 - When initiating on someone you must verbally initiate, provide a demand and a consequence. The person initiating must have a visible weapon to initiate. The terminology "hands up or die" is not valid.
      3.2 - You may only kill someone without prior verbal initiation if one of the following is true

    • You or someone in your group with the same uniform and vest (meaning prisoner uniforms do not count) have been initiated on and you were within 1000m during the initiation.
    • You're within 1000m of one of your gang/faction members initiation.
    • Someone else in your group with the same uniform as you has already initiated.
    • The person has knocked out yourself or a group member maliciously.
    • The person initiated on is in your faction and they have definitive indicators that they're in your faction (e.g. Police writing on their clothing)
    • They have stolen your vehicle and you were 5 meters from the vehicle.
    • You have attempted to call them on-air frequency (60.3) at least 3 times and told them they will be shot down (Police Only) (Major cities, Prison and Airports only)
    • You have attempted to call them on maritime frequency (60.2) at least 3 times and told them a consequence (Police Only) (Applies to the crew of vessel only)
    • It is martial law and a civilian/rebel has an unholstered class 3 within city limits. (Cops only)
    • The civilian/rebel has a class 3 unholstered within 100 meters of DOC walls
    • You are an Officer and a colleague is initiated with someone and their life is at risk.

    3.3 - It is the initiator's responsibility that their initiation is audible. (Do not initiate on someone going over 60km in a vehicle)
    3.4 - You must be initiated or being initiated on to be allowed to knock out, zip-tie or handcuff someone. You may only do this without prior initiation if one of the following are true.

    • It is after a situation and police are arresting suspects that they or a medic revived.
    • Consent is given (Ex. police as someone to place their hands behind on their head during a traffic stop and they comply).

    3.5 - You can not change your clothes during combat.
    3.6 - If you call out that you're initiated to your gang/faction members and the initiation is not valid you are responsible. 
    3.7 - You must be in an active pursuit of a vehicle to spike it. (Active pursuit is defined as chasing at an audible distance with lights and sirens for 15 seconds or more.)
    3.8 - Initiations that are confusing are not valid (e.g. say the ABC backwards or you're dead)
    3.9 - You musts give the victim 8 seconds to comply with your demands, unless they have a clear change in behaviour such as start running away or reach for their firearm.
    3.10 - You must initiate after 10 minutes of the final shot being fired or if the situation has come to an end.
    3.11 - Civilians may only deliberately ram other vehicles while in initiation. If rammed on purpose outside initiation you may retaliate, creating an initiation. (To be clear ramming a vehicle is not initiation).
    3.12 – You may not initiate, rob, harm, detain or other use forms of violence against someone you have ran over outside of initiation you must leave the area and continue as normal. If someone is run over by you or a non-involved party during an initiation, you may not harm them until they are up on their feet or 10 seconds has passed.


    Section 4 - Value of life Rules
    4.0 - You must always value your life as though it was real life, you must actively attempt to avoid death by either complying or avoiding situations.
    4.1 - As a Law Enforcement Officer you must value the lives of all innocent civilians if your actions will result in a civilian death you should take steps to avoid this.
    4.2 - If there is a weapon pointed at you by someone and you do not have a weapon in your hand you must comply and you may not pull a firearm.


    Section 5 - Law Enforcement Officer Rules
    5.1 - Police Sergeants+ and Special Operations cannot hold a rank within a faction on other communities.
    5.2 - Selling police equipment or weapons is not allowed at all, Receiving guns through corruption is the same punishment.  (Breaking this is a blacklist from cop minimum)
    5.3 - Police may not disconnect after a major crime is started until 5 minutes after the major crime is over.
    5.4 - Department of Corrections property is defined as the island and bridge.
    5.5 - Police must respond to situations with fair/proportionate numbers. If police arrive on the scene and there is one person or a small group doing it they should tell other units to not respond.
    5.6 - Anyone surpassing the rank of Sergeant is required to be over the age of 16. Exceptions CANNOT be made to this rule. 
    5.7 - Police may not breach a major or land/drop people off on the roof of a major during negotiations and must wait 10 seconds after negotiations are called off to breach/land.  This may be voided if the hostage is killed by the hostage-takers.
    5.8 - SWAT can shoot without calling negotiations if they have attempted all avenues of negotiation and no reasonable compromise is achieved. They must guarantee the rescue of the hostage in this case or are liable to face the consequences.
    5.9 - SWAT can also shoot if it is clear the hostage is in imminent danger and shooting is the best chance at saving the hostage. This must be approved by a SWAT High Command or State Command member. (this requires more than just the normal risk to a hostage through the whole situation, the danger must be created by the hostage-taker, not by the police)
    5.10 - If you are being fired at by a civilian you cannot spam your taser on an individual to tase them as it is unrealistic as a taser is usually a 1 shot weapon.                          5.11 - Using either rule 5.8 or 5.9 voids the negotiations, negotiations are then off, hostages may be executed and others may open fire.


    Section 6 - Vehicle Deathmatch
    6.1 - You may not use your vehicle as a weapon (against people or vehicles) unless the person you are using it against is threatening your life (e.g. initiating on you/shooting at you.)
    6.2 - If you accidentally have a vehicle head-on collision with another vehicle you can not initiate on them, you must roleplay out a vehicle collision and exchange insurance information. If you were previously initiated you may shoot.


    Section 7 - Major Crime
    7.1 - When civilians hit off major crimes they must speak to the negotiator to determine if they have hostages and give details such as: What they're wearing/what gang they're in and how many people they have, Externals (They cannot lie)
    7.2 - If you have a hostage at the major crime cops must respond as normal and negotiate with the hostage-takers. If negotiations are called off all parties must wait 10 seconds to shoot unless the hostage is killed then cops can open fire voiding the 10-second rule.
    7.3 - All Police must respond to a Major Crime (If you are processing someone finishes that first)
    7.4 - When a major crime is started after 30 seconds it is 500m initiation from the major crime map marker. This does not apply if they have a hostage until negotiations are called off. (Between the robbers and cops and cops can shoot anyone with a class 3 out)
    7.5 - You can not interfere with a major crime if you are not involved.
    7.6 - Rebels can have a maximum of two externals. They can not sit out further than 1KM.
    7.7 - Once shots are fired at the major crime you may not attend if you are not on the server/if you disconnect.
    7.8 - The following crimes are considered major crimes:

    • Commonwealth Bank (Vault Only) 
    • Federal Reserve
    • Prison Break
    • Power Plant
    • Hostage Situation where the Police are negotiating (Outside of major crimes, Hostages used at the prison is one major crime, not two separate ones)
    • Attack on the Mayor's Life

    7.9 - Major Crimes can only be started 30 minutes after the last major crime has concluded. 
    7.9.1 - Major Crimes cannot be started 30 minutes after the restart and 30 minutes before restart.


    Section 8 - Gang Rules
    8.1 - There can only be one official leader of a gang
    8.2 - Gangs must only have a maximum of 10 people whitelisted and on their roster.
    8.3 - All gangs must have a roster that SMT can easily see. A link to this roster must be provided in one of their gang channels. There must have at least one player on their roster.
    8.4 - If a member of the gang is removed/has left, a command member must go to requesting staff to get the whitelisting and tags removed.
    8.5 - Whitelisted gangs are to follow all rules of the community and if they're found to be breaking these rules or creating a bad experience for other members the gang can and will be removed by SMT.
    8.6 - Selling entrance into your gang is strictly prohibited. They must join through either an application or invitation. (Cannot sell invitations to join your gang) 
    8.7 - Selling your gang is not permitted under any circumstances
    8.8 - If you are committing a major crime, you must NOT have help from other gangs, for example 'gang 1' cannot team with 'gang 2',  to do bank, 'gang 1' must do this crime on their own.
    8.9 - After receiving two gang strikes, the leader must show SMT intent to improve their gang and their actions. If SMT are not satisfied with their decision they can advise an idea which is strongly recommended to follow or the gang will be wiped leaving only the owner.
    8.10 - You cannot give any type of gang clothing/Equipment to non-gang members.
    8.11 - You may only be in 1 gang at a time.

    Rules are subject to change at any time by a DOA+

About Us

BSRP was created and launched in April 2020 by a community originally made for Milsim. Over the years we have expanded our reach and platforms from different games to different game modes. Eventually, we settled with a Life Server and that brings us to now.

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